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Lead with heart, courage and vision by learning to understand the core of human experience from trainers around the world and creating an impactful difference to yourself and to the world! 

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In  today's world, NLP has become an increasingly important skill to lead change individually and in an organization. 

With this program, you can expect to come away learning most successful business thinking as well as cutting-edge tools on personal development. This program is about learning the core of human experience and creating transformation within yourself, your team and the world to become a visionary leader.


Why join this program?

We'll give you the tools to:

Lead life with strength, courage and inspiration to achieve anything personally as well as professionally

Connect with people in a way that truly matters with trust, rapport and influence

Contribute to the world by learning how to bring out the best in others

Experience the highest standards of NLP as taught by trainers from around the world with your personal workbook

 17 OCT 2018
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8:00 - 9:30 PM

Each session brings unique insight and transformation 

6 Sessions

(Wednesday & Sunday)

Powerful sessions from trainers around the world!


INR 6000

It's a small investment towards a successful life

Meet your program leader

A Master Trainer of NLP, Nishith Shah has been developing NLP for over a decade.

Nishith Shah, a Master Trainer of NLP, has been developing NLP for over 10 years. He has trained more than 3000 delegates over 18 different countries.

He has trained with many international trainers over the years and is known for his ability to bring powerful shifts in people through impactful experiential programs such as NLP in the Himalayas and Switzerland.


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Nishith Shah

Master Trainer of NLP & Founder of Thought Labs

Guest Facilitators

Will get into the conversation and share their experiences on NLP and Hypnosis

Michael Perez

Matthew Garrow-Fischer

Developer of Neuron Code, NLP & Hypnosis

NLP Trainer

The feeling of your thinking (And how to change it)


Understand why and how things feel the way they feel when you remember or think about emotionally charged things. 

And learn to change this thinking to be emotionally resourceful

Will take a powerful session on perceptual positions.


In this session, you will learn various ways to be in a resourceful state and resolve internal & external conflicts with other people

Participants gain these critical skills

And maybe we'll cover a little more if we have time

Coaching skills
Bring out the best 

Develop coaching skills to help the growth of your team

Influence with ease
Make changes effortlessly

Manage Emotions
Be in an positive state

Set compelling goals
Achieve your vision faster


Communicate with impact

Listen deeply
Develop instant rapport

Body Language
Understand people better

Feeback system
Express your truth 

Learn to listen in a way that matters. Listen for things that aren't spoken but communicated

Learn to give feedback in a way that enables growth and development

Be an inspiration to the world and lead by example

Learn to communicate in a way that is confident, impactful and influential

Be a powerful influencer to get people to buy in your vision

Create goals that inspire to take action

Recognize the patterns in everyone's thinking and behaviour through their physiology and other unconscious cues

Here’s how it will go down

This is the structure of the program

Program Clarity Form
Fill in the program clarity to create a compeling outcome for the program

Session workbook
After signing up, you will get a link to each session and session workbook to learn from powerful exercises and take action

Powerful & experiential
The sessions will be fully experiential with activities so you learn the real-time applications of NLP

Activities & Exercises
Each session will have follow-up activities and exercises that are designed for you practice NLP in day to day life followed by a feedback system

Support and next level
You will have support in the form of forums, webinars, groups and more. You can also join the advanced program after this level



During the session



What people say about our programs

They're just a few of the successful professionals who recognize its benefits:

Sue Knight
 Author of NLP at Work

Sandeep Agarwal

Business Head at Citrix | IIM Kolkata

Louise Southam

Founder at Beyond Belief

Rachana Gandhi

Market Intelligence 

"I have always been impressed with Nishith for his confidence, his sense of humour and his ability to support others to be the best version on themselves"

"I experienced what I have never expected and I had a very high expectations. This was truly life-changing"

"It's been a journey of self-exploration and these sessions with Nishith has helped me be at my best"

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Actual comments from people attending our various programs

More success & inspiring stories!

“Fun, Amazing, Experiential and Powerful. I discovered my true potential!”

“Great lifetime experience. After the course, I know I can do anything I want in life”

“I got to learn in real-time and the best part is that Nishith is always there to guide and support you”

“Life-changing. There is a real safe space and we all learn from each other”

“Nishith is a total exception. He has a very nice way of creating confidence in you”

“I felt I was part of the team the minute I walked in. It was such a joy to know Nishith and everyone in the sessions”

Nirav Gandhi
NLP and Digital Marketing

Moni Rodriguez
Thrive Global

Tariq Kayes
Founder at NeuroVoice

Jenn Russell
Owner at The Soul Tribe Collective

Rakshitha Ravi
L & D Manager at Could Nine Hospitals

Reema Agarwal

Will I get a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes, you will receive NLP Foundation Certification recognized Internationally by Thought Labs and Sue Knight. 



How can I register?

Just fill in the form given on this page and you will receive an email with the payment link to register for the program. 



Can I join more programs after this?

Yes, you will be able to join advance NLP Practitioner and more after this

What happens if I miss a session?

No worries, we will be recording each session and sending them to you through email so you can still learn from it.



Is this session interactive? Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, Absolutely. This session is live with the facilitators and you will be able to talk, discuss, ask anything to them. 



How many participants will be there in the session?

We will have a strict limit of 10 delegates in each session so that you get real-time feedback from the facilitator and get the maximum value out of the sessions

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The book is in a workbook format about discovering yourself with NLP

Fundamentals of NLP

Learn what's the core of NLP and how does human mind work

Activities & exercises

Exercises that will help you practice NLP in your daily life

Powerful tools and techniques

Top tools and processes of NLP that will bring real-time change

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Angela Wells

NLP Trainer

Will take a powerful session on 5-step transformational belief change.


Learn a simple 5-step process to overcome any limiting or challenging belief and bring out the best in yourself

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